What is a HALAL certificate? Lam Ngoc Food

General Standards: The product must be free of any materials prohibited by Islamic law (LHG); the product must not come into contact with any means or equipment from LHG materials that are not allowed during the production stages; and during that process the product must not come into contact with any nutritious food from LHG unapproved ingredients.

Note: HALAL foods are not allowed to be produced, transported, or stored in a factory, or Haram (prohibited) food production line, unless a Muslim supervisor is involved in the entire process; any tools and equipment used in the production, transportation or storage of Haram food must be washed and dried according to Islamic law when used for HALAL food; HALAL food certificates only have a certain duration. After the expiration date, you must reapply and redo all the checks.

Scope and Includes: According to Islamic law, all food and food sources are HALAL, except: pigs of all kinds and wild bears; dogs, snakes and monkeys; carnivores with front claws and teeth such as lions, tigers, bears and other similar species; harmful animals such as: rats, millipedes, scorpions and other similar species; non-killed species such as ants, bees and woodpeckers; lice, flies and other similar species.

– Types of amphibians; marine animals without scales (harmful and poisonous); any animal that is not slaughtered in accordance with the LHG; blood or food containing blood; any animal that lives in the sea and is not properly hunted or caught (not caught alive from the water, or killed by hunting).

– Organic food and vegetables are allowed, except those related to religious decrees, because of the presence of harmful, alcohol, or intoxicating ingredients.

– Animals slaughtered must comply with Islamic law; before killing, the animal must be alive and the vital symptoms must exist; just before slaughter, the phrase “Besm-e-Allah” (In the Name of God) must be read clearly; sharp steel killing tools; during slaughter, the trachea, esophagus, major artery and all pharyngeal veins must be completely resected; Animals must face Qibla (direction of Muslims to pray).

HALAL certification benefits: Exporting goods to Muslim countries and Muslim countries; Consumers can purchase products with the HALAL logo as a proof of faith that God permits them to be used, with the assurance that it does not contain anything that is Haram.