Lam Ngoc fried powder

Lam Ngoc fried dough products are produced by the method of fermenting cake embryos and baked by an electric oven system. The food will generate its own temperature during the induction process. Simultaneously, vacuum cooling is used to stabilize the cake block structure, minimize micro-organisms and do not affect the quality of the product during processing.

Modern Production Lines – Strict Output Inspection

Our breadcrumbs are produced by a special process that preserves a high protein content. Compliant with current regulations on quality, hygiene and food safety domestically and internationally. The product has a needle shape with a length of 4,6,8,10,12 mm and a long cell structure with many small compartments creating a product that is crispy, but not hard, with a light, delicious taste. no charred shell, low mass density.

In addition, we also produce a variety of products to meet the production needs of value-added goods for seafood processing factories such as white block cake, color block cake (weighing 5-6kg), flour Fresh ruffles, dried breadcrumbs with a variety of colors (white, yellow, white yellow …)