In order to ensure products of the best quality, our quality control staff are experienced people, rigorously inspect input materials and food hygiene and safety are put in place. top. With the desire to bring customers high quality products, ensure food safety and hygiene and conquer difficult markets, Lam Ngoc company has paid attention and built a good quality management system, the company has achieved certifications to quality assurance and food safety standards such as BRC, ISO22000 and HALAL.
Lam Ngoc Co., Ltd. is committed that our Panko fried dough products will contribute to increasing the quality, value and profit of our customers’ seafood products. We are ready to cooperate with customers to create the most diverse products for the market. Our business goal is to always guarantee the quality of products and services.
Lam Ngoc Co., Ltd looks forward to long-term cooperation with customers as well as strengthening solid relationships and developing together.